Flower Care Guide

Unwrapping your Flowers

  • The freshness of flowers directly correlates with the longevity meaning, if the flowers are fresh, your recipient will be able to enjoy their bouquet or arrangement for many days to come. Please keep in mind that with such fresh flowers it might take up to 48 hours for the flowers to fully bloom. 

Flower Maintenance

  • When putting the flowers in a vase, discard all other paper and packaging. Carefully wash your vase with hot water & a small cap of bleach together with a sponge. Allow the vase to dry naturally upside down rather than using a towel. Towels can carry and transfer bacteria that can affect the quality of water the flowers will be drinking and can cause them to die sooner. This is the first step to ensuring no bacteria is present when water and flowers are introduced into the vase.

Trimming your Flowers

  • Trimming the stems will allow the flowers to drink as much water as possible, and trimming the flowers regularly will keep them hydrated and alive for longer. It is recommended to cut off approximately 2cm off the stem and pick off any excess foliage. Cutting the stems at an angle gives the stem a larger surface area which ensures that the flowers are able to absorb more water.

  • Try to use scissors or a sharp knife, as using blunt blades can damage the stems.

Arranging your Flowers

  • Fill a vase up, ideally three quarters full of water. 

  • All arrangements provided by Four Seasons Florists Aberdeen come with a sachet of flower food which is advised to be put into the water before the flowers themselves. After putting the flower food into the water, allow the vase to sit for around 30 minutes before putting the flowers in to allow the water to become room temperature. Flowers take warmer water in more efficiently than cold therefore putting fresh flowers in warmer water for their first drink will ensure they last longer.

  • If necessary, remove the lower leaves of the flowers, so that they will take in water faster. 

  • Bear in mind that the more flowers in your bouquet the more water they will consume, so make sure to keep topping up their water, every couple of days. 

Temperature and Display Area

  • The best temperature for flowers is between 18 and 22 degrees celsius. If the temperature is too hot then it will cause the flowers to wilt and die more quickly. If the water is too cold, the flowers can be damaged as they can freeze. 

  • Avoid placing the flowers near a source of heat, such as a radiator or a regularly used fireplace, as this will have an immediate damaging effect on the flowers. Similarly, keep the flowers out of direct sunlight as this will dehydrate the flowers quicker.

Four Seasons Florists Aberdeen Flower Care

  • Although responsibility for the flowers falls onto the individual receiving them, the Four Seasons florists always do their best to ensure your flowers are sent to you in the best possible condition, by making sure the stems are cut, any excess foliage is removed and the customer is always provided with a sachet of flower food.

  • If you have any further queries about flower care, please do not hesitate to get in touch. You can get in touch via email: flowers@fourseasonsflorists.co.uk, or by phone: 01224633968.