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    Our Flowers Aberdeen Sprays and Sheaves make beautiful funeral tributes. Sprays and Sheaves by Florists Aberdeen are always beautiful and of the highest quality as we will never allow our high standards to fall. We know how important funeral flowers are and so they are always our number one priority. When you come to Flower Delivery Aberdeen we always work hard to provide you with exactly what you are looking for. Here at Flowers Aberdeen we have bouquets and arrangements for every event and occasion imaginable, we have arrangements for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, different seasons, we have arrangements to say thank you, to say congratulations, to wish some one get well soon. Whatever you need flowers for, we are sue to have a floral arrangement for the occasion. However, if you have looked through our Florists Aberdeen website and feel that nothing we have is quite what you were looking for then you can make use of our Flowers Delivery Aberdeen bespoke service . With our bespoke service you have complete control over exactly what goes into your bouquet. Your can choose the types of flowers, the colours of the flowers, the number of stems in the bouquet. Whatever it is you would like simply let us know and one of our expert florists will arrange it for you. Our Flowers Aberdeen bespoke service is great for when you have something very specific in mind, or for when you want to give your recipient something completely unique. Our expert florists always make fantastic bespoke bouquets which are sure to delight your recipient. Here at Florists Aberdeen we have over 40 years of experience in the flower business. We know all there is to know about providing wonderful high quality bouquets and arrangements that look great in all settings. Our expert florists love creating wonderful bouquets and arrangements just for you and your recipient.

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  • A classic cushion-shaped design created using a mass of white double spray chrysanthemums and finished with a spray of cerise roses and white freesias and a pink ribbon trim. Approximate Product Dimensions:Length: 45cmWidth: 45cm32 Stems

  • This striking contemporary cushion-shaped design features a selection of flowers in pinks and purples and includes liatris, carnations, germini, freesia and chrysanthemums. Approximate Product Dimensions:Length: 45cmWidth: 45cm26 Stems

  • Large-headed roses and short-Stemmed roses are nestled into a solid heart shape amongst asparagus fern and pittosporum. Approximate Product Dimensions:Height: 55cmWidth: 50cm40 Stems

  • We’ve selected fresh flowers in bright shades of hot pink, golden yellow, bright orange, lime green and rich purple. These naturally vibrant colours work beautifully together to create a stunning casket spray of lilies, roses, lisianthus, carnations, germini and chrysanthemums.Please Note:The image relates to the large variant. Approximate Product...

  • An array of pinks, lilacs, lime green and white make up this beautiful butterfly-shaped floral tribute. The display features spray chrysanthemums, pink and white roses, blue eryngium, lilac statice and lime green spray chrysanthemums. Approximate Product Dimensions:Height: 50cmWidth: 60cm85 Stems

  • A petite cross in pure white including roses, lisianthus, spray carnations and September flower with trailing ivy and pittosporum. Approximate Product Dimensions:Length: 60cmWidth: 40cm22 Stems

  • A mass of white double spray chrysanthemums is finished with delicate sprays of roses and lisianthus in white and purple to create this Dad tribute. Approximate Product Dimensions:Height: 30cmWidth: 90cm42 Stems

  • This design is created using white double spray chrysanthemums and finished with sprays of lisianthus, short Stemmed roses and veronica in white with contrasting green foliage. Approximate Product Dimensions:Height: 56cmWidth: 50cm51 Stems

  • Double spray chrysanthemums, spray carnations and alstroemeria are used to create this pink and white design shaped like a teddy bear. Approximate Product Dimensions:Height: 55cmWidth: 45cm36 Stems

  • A mass of yellow double spray chrysanthemums forms the Aum tribute which is completed with red roses. Approximate Product Dimensions:Height: 45cmWidth: 55cm75 Stems

  • A mass of white Double Spray Chrysanthemums forms the Khanda tribute which is finished with a spray of red Roses.

  • A mass of white double spray chrysanthemums are used in this football-themed three dimensional tribute, with some sprayed black to create the distinctive pattern. The football is then displayed on a moss-covered base. Approximate Product Dimensions:Height: 30cmWidth: 25cm30 Stems

  • This pillow-shaped design has a woodland theme and includes pink large-headed roses, germini and spray chrysanthemums along with calla lilies and twisted hazel amongst an array of greenery. Approximate Product Dimensions:Length: 55cmWidth: 30cm18 Stems

  • This heart-shaped design including large-headed roses, carnations and cymbidium and dendrobium orchids is given a contemporary feel with sweeping pink calla lilies, cornus and steel grass. Approximate Product Dimensions:Height: 50cmWidth: 50cm28 Stems

  • A classic pillow-shaped design created using a mass of white double spray chrysanthemums and finished with a spray of white large-headed roses and purple dendrobium orchids. Approximate Product Dimensions:Length: 55cmWidth: 30cm42 Stems

  • A heart-shaped design including roses, spray roses, lisianthus, spray carnations and scented freesia. Approximate Product Dimensions:Height: 40cmWidth: 40cm20 Stems

  • Elegant folded aspidistra and aralia leaves are nestled amongst large-headed red roses to create this stunning sheaf which is finished with delicate white September flower and foliage.

  • A classic selection including large-headed roses, freesias, lisianthus and spray chrysanthemums presented in a posy design.Please Note:The image relates to the standard variant. Approximate Product Dimensions:15 Stems - StandardHeight: 20cm, Width: 30cm20 Stems - LargeHeight: 25cm, Width: 35cm25 Stems - Extra LargeHeight: 25cm, Width: 40cm

  • Roses and scented freesia are nestled amongst choice foliage in this classic posy design.Please Note:The image relates to the standard variant. Approximate Product Dimensions:21 Stems - SmallHeight: 20cm, Width: 30cm32 Stems - MediumHeight: 20cm, Width: 40cm43 Stems - LargeHeight: 20cm, Width: 50cm

  • A beautiful scented posy including scented freesias, roses and september flower in either soft lilac and white or soft pink and white. Approximate Product Dimensions:Height: 20cmWidth: 30cm22 Stems

Showing 61 - 80 of 106 items
Funeral Flowers

Funeral Flowers Aberdeen

Flowers Aberdeen Funeral Flowers are always our top priority. We are always very careful and considerate when arranging and delivering funeral flowers as we know how important it is that everything goes well with funeral flowers. At Florists Aberdeen we do casket arrangements, floral cushions and pillows, special floral tributes and more. Whatever funeral flowers you need Flower Delivery Aberdeen will be able to arrange it for you no problem. Here at Flowers Aberdeen we have over 40 years of experience in the flower business, we know exactly what is the best flowers to use and the best way to arrange them, all of our florists are experts in what they do and love arranging beautiful bouquets for you and your recipient. When you come to Florists Aberdeen you can be sure that your flowers will be arranged to perfection and that the service you receive will be the best. Here at Flower Delivery Aberdeen we know how important it is that all of the flowers in our bouquets and arrangements are perfect, as we know that even one bad flower can ruin what would otherwise be a perfect bouquet. In order to make sure that all our flowers are of the highest quality we only ever use flowers that come from Holland. Flowers from Holland are some of the most beautiful and finest in the world and no one knows this better than Flowers Aberdeen. When we receive the flowers from Holland as well as being beautiful we also want them to be as fresh as possible, as we know that there is nothing worse than having beautiful flowers only last for a very short time because they weren't sent out as fresh as they could have been. That's why we have all our flowers delivered straight to our Florists Aberdeen shop, this way we know that they are as fresh and recently cut as possible. What's more we receive the flowers several times a week so that we always have a supply of fresh flowers in our Flower Delivery Aberdeen shop.

Florists Aberdeen Funeral Flowers

One sure way to get flowers to your loved ones is to use our Flowers Aberdeen delivery service. With our delivery service you don't ever need to worry about flowers not arriving on time or even not arriving at all because we pride ourselves in getting flowers exactly where the need to be exactly when they need to be. Our Florists Aberdeen delivery drivers are well aware of how delicate and easily damaged flowers are and so they are always very careful when delivering your flowers so that the flowers arrive with your recipient in the same perfect condition that they were in when they were arranged in our Flower Delivery Aberdeen shop. Our delivery service is one of the best around, and this is primarily due to our same day delivery service, you can order flowers with Flowers Aberdeen and have them delivered to your recipient the very same day! in order to make sure that your order can be delivered the same day please place your order before 3pm, this gives our expert florists time to arrange your bouquet to our usual high standards. We are also a part of Interflora, which means flowers ordered from Florists Aberdeen can be delivered to 140 countries al;l over the world. If you have any comments or questions for us at Flowers Aberdeen then feel free to phone or email us, or even pop into our Florists Aberdeen shop!